The Off the Hook Challenge

Here’s a thought… what if you let yourself off the hook? Said something stupid in a meeting? Oh well, that happens sometimes. Bad hair day? Make a stylist appointment and move on with your life. Found a silly typo in that email you just sent? Oops. There are worse things that can happen. Think about it. What if you went an entire day without any self-recrimination? Would your world fall apart? Would you make all kinds of irreversible mistakes? Would everyone hate you? Or… would life go on? Would you have more energy to put into more important things? Would you laugh more? Would you have more time for other people? Would you feel more creative? What if you did it again tomorrow? What if you d

What Are Your Tripwires?

You’ve been going to the gym every weekday morning for three months. You’ve lost ten pounds. You’re sleeping better. You feel strong. You no longer get winded going up a flight of stairs. It’s the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. Then one morning, you press snooze on your alarm. And you do it again the next morning. And the one after that. You decide to speak up more in meetings. It’s a little awkward at first, but soon, you’re pretty good at voicing your opinions. And, to your delight, you’re being taken seriously. In fact, a couple of your ideas have been implemented. Then one day, an opportunity to say something arises, and you don’t speak up. Nor in the next meeting. Or the one

So... What Goes on in Unstuck Leader Coaching Anyway?

Good question. You came to coaching because... well, you just felt it was time. Perhaps you sensed something big on the horizon. Or you sensed your own untapped potential. Or perhaps, it was a lingering sense of decline that brought you to this moment. So here you are. And I’m so happy to have you. As of this moment, we’re partners. And if we do this right, by the end of our time together, you will feel a motivation that’s driven from your truest self. You’ll be more confident and energized. Your team will be more focused, trusting and collaborative. Issues will arise sooner and problem solving will be more creative. And, it will all come from you. Because true leadership is as much about wh

Good Perfectionism. Bad Perfectionism.

We all know perfectionism to be a bad thing. It spawns from a high need for certainty. And when we crave certainty, it’s because we’re fearful. And when we're fearful, our monkey brains take over. We avoid risk and pain. We focus on the wrong things. We become insular, and less likely to seek feedback. We learn less. We get in our own way. We miss opportunities. We become more likely to fail. This kind of perfectionism is all about me, me, me. We focus only on ourselves and our needs. We entrench deeper and deeper into ourselves. And we shrink as a result. But perfectionism doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. I don’t think many of us would trust our lives to a “go with the flow” brain sur

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