How to Gain Control When Everything's Out of Control

Yup, this sucks. COVID-19 is highly dangerous, highly contagious and spreading exponentially across the globe. The stock market has plummeted. Plans are delayed. Events are cancelled, travel is over and most of us are working from home while trying to entertain bored children. The world is rife with complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity. And no one knows when it will end. It seems none of us are in control of our lives at the moment. So the way I see it, we have two choices: a.) A nightly wine-soaked Netflix binge. or... b.) We can get up and get going. Just what are we supposed to get up and get going at, you ask? Well, first, your job. But then, how about your tax return? Or cleaning out t

The Power of Wonder at Work

For the past two weeks, I’ve been writing about astronaut Jim Lovell’s astounding courage and ability to overcome failure. These are exceptional qualities indeed, but I think the real reason he’s my hero is his capacity for wonder. In the sixties, winning the space race was very serious business critical to not only national moral, but also national security. It was a dangerous business too as most of what NASA was attempting had never been attempted before. Imagine being one of the first people to enter outer space, venture out for a spacewalk, leave earth’s orbit or see the back side of the moon. All of the astronauts in the Apollo program were well aware of the importance and danger of wh

How to Recover From a Terrible Mistake

Last week, we talked about my hero, Jim Lovell and the astonishing courage he and his fellow crew members displayed during the Apollo 8 mission when they became the first humans to escape earth’s orbit. But what most people don’t know, is that during that mission, Jim made a mistake. A big one. A potentially fatal one, in fact. It happened on the journey back to earth. While physically and mentally exhausted, Jim entered the wrong command into the onboard computer. As a result, the spacecraft thought it was back on the launch pad; so it flipped from its proper nose forward attitude, to a nose up one, as if waiting to blast off. And each time Jim tried to force it back into the correct nose-f

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