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"This is an exceptional book for all leaders!"
"A must read on your leadership journey"
"Inspiring - Got me unstuck!"
"A thought-provoking guide for leaders and life"
Get Unstuck. Stay Unstuck.

Stuck is pervasive, stuck is personal, and above all, stuck is perplexing. But it’s also solvable. You can get unstuck. Traditional models of top-down leadership have left us feeling frustrated, powerless and ineffective. It’s time to break out of these obsolete paradigms so that we may explore new possibilities and new paths to success.

In the knowledge era of the 21st century, innovation is born not of the heroics of a singular leader, but rather of the interconnectedness of people and ideas within complex systems. This phenomenon is known as “emergence”. A leader who senses and enables emergence is more competitive, faster moving, and experiences heightened creativity. In other words, they are decidedly unstuck.

This book will guide you through the five steps to becoming an Unstuck Leader. You’ll learn not only how to do the things that great leaders do, but also, how to become the kind of person who does the things that great leaders do.
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