Infographic: So You've Made a Terrible Mistake...

No one likes making mistakes. Mistakes are unnerving, embarrassing, time consuming and sometimes, expensive. But they're also a gift. A very valuable gift that unfortunately, most of us would rather not receive, because most of us see mistakes as a curse. And so, we avoid them at all costs. Taken to the extreme (as many who suffer from perfectionism do), this means no risk, no exploration, no creativity and no ingenuity. And in times of crisis, no clarity. Once you begin viewing mistakes as a gift, the only response to them is gratitude. Because without them, we don't learn a damn thing. And when things go wrong, we don't have the resources to get ourselves to safety. In other words, without

Infographic: The Five Dangers of Navel Gazing

Be it an innie or an outie, I’m sure you have a perfectly lovely bellybutton. I had mine pierced for a time in my twenties. It was fun to look at. Maybe yours is too. The thing about navel gazing though, is that it’s a great way to fall flat on your face. So, heads up! Your bellybutton isn’t that great after all. Learn more about the Dangers of Navel Gazing here.

Infographic: Good Perfectionism. Bad Perfectionism.

We all know perfectionism to be a bad thing. But it doesn't have to be so. The difference is intention. Ask yourself: Does your perfectionism come from a place of fear? Or from a desire to grow and contribute? Read more about good and bad perfectionism here.

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