The Surprising Physical Toll of Stuckness

About six months into my stint as the Vice President of Digital Media at a large newspaper company, my face exploded. Why? Because I was stuck. Being the VP Digital at that particular newspaper company, at that particular time, was a mighty tough gig. I had had a bad feeling about the role, but I took it anyway, blinded by money and status. After all, I was the youngest female VP in the company’s history. Woopty doo! Inevitably, I hit a wall that I couldn’t push through. And soon, my face broke out in severe cystic acne. I was in my late thirties, an executive responsible for millions of dollars of revenue per year, and I was covered in zits. At its worst, I counted 13 giant cysts on my chin

What Must Grow? What Must Go?

You’ve done so much hard work. You’ve spent a few weeks determining what your values and purpose are. You have a compelling vision for your future and a mission that will get you there. You’ve got a plan of action. You’ve created systems that will lead you to achieving your goals. You’re excited. You’re ready. And then nothing happens. WTF? Well my friend, what you’ve got going on is a good old forest/trees situation. Sometimes we can be so focused on the nitty-gritty granular aspects of achieving what we want in life, we forget to look at the big picture. Even with the best of intentions, we may still have limiting patterns of belief and behaviour that are hindering our progress. And to see

The Life Changing Power of I Can, If...

Last week, I wrote about how optimism isn’t always our friend. In fact, being overly optimistic, (i.e. running off to La La Land) can actually reduce our motivation to achieve a goal. It seems that La La Land fantasizing saps our energy making us less likely to perform the hard work required to achieve what we want. So, what’s an optimist to do? You can start by getting real. Please understand that I’m in no way telling you not to dream big. Of course, you should dream big! It’s what comes next that needs to change. Despite your happy, enthusiastic feelings about the big beautiful outcome you’re chasing, there are likely a lot of things standing in the way. But most optimists don’t like to t

The Downside of the Upside: How Optimism Isn't Always Your Friend

Do you love to dream about all the amazing things you want to do with your life? Do you fall in love with your ideas? Do you like to sit down and visualize how you’ll feel when you reach your goals? Does this fill you with warmth and happiness? Do you do this a lot? Yes? Well stop it. All this La La Land dreaming could be keeping you from achieving what you want in life. It turns out, optimism is a complicated thing. And contrary to almost everything you've heard or read, rather than fuel your determination, an excess of optimism can actually hold you back. You: Whaaaaaat? Me: Let’s start with the basics. Each of us has three minds: the negative, the positive and the neutral. We all know the

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