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Leadership training designed to last


Create a team of connected, mutually supporting and highly effective leaders who are deeply engaged and committed for the long-term.

Average Trainee Experience Rating



The Basics:


6 to 8 trainees

Bi-weekly onsite or virtual training sessions

2 hours per session


1st Hour:

Leadership concepts

2nd Hour:

Moderated discussion about real-life leadership challenges


Up to 6 hours of private 1:1 coaching for each participant via Zoom or telephone


100% confidentiality.

Participants sign non-disclosure agreements so what happens in the training room stays in the training room.

How It Works:

It begins with the premise that leadership isn't simply about doing the things that great leaders do, but rather about becoming the kind of person who does the things that great leaders do.

"It might sound cliche, but I wouldn't change a thing! This experience was legendary, and I sincerely feel like it has set me up for success!"

- Expansive Leadership Trainee

Personalized Learning Journey

The instructor has a highly interactive, personal relationship with each trainee that begins even before the first session.

Homework assignments receive detailed responses and suggestions for additional reading, videos

and exercises.

Formal Instruction

Topics Include:


Understanding others (EQ)

The art of influence

Systems thinking


Courage & Identity

Committing to consistent practice

"It was perfect. Our instructor's authenticity, honesty, insight and humor really made learning fun and enjoyable."

- Expansive Leadership Trainee

Peer to Peer Support and Collaboration

This is where the magic really happens. Each session, trainees are assigned a new accountability partner who they will support and be supported by for the next 2 weeks. In session, trainees learn to support and coach each other. This builds the foundation for lasting relationships, cooperation and collaboration.

Expert Coaching

Sink or swim doesn't work. When learning new concepts, leaders need support and reinforcement. Each trainee receives two (or more) individual coaching sessions to help them build self-awareness, resilience, systems thinking skills and a consistent leadership practice.

"I enjoyed it immensely, more than I imagined I would. It was great to be able to share issues with other team leaders in a friendly and constructive manner and then to jointly develop strategies."

- Expansive Leadership Trainee

Multi-week Duration

Research shows that one-and-done style training programs don't lead to lasting transformation. Our training occurs over several weeks. Formal training weeks are interspersed with reflection and homework weeks. This allows lessons to land for the long-term.


Participants who appear at all formal training sessions and complete all homework and 1:1 coaching sessions may apply to become

Certified Expansive Leaders.

*** Based in Ontario, Canada? Ask about how to receive a subsidy of up to 80% of your training costs.

"I liked how the course puts training concepts and tools into practice in real time due to the weekly rhythm of learning and reflection."

- Expansive Leadership Trainee

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