Don't Forget: No Matter What, You're in Charge of Your Career.

I hate to tell you this, but your career will most certainly not go to plan. You’ll be denied that promotion you deserve. Or maybe your new boss will turn out to be a jerk, or a spineless wimp, or a bit of a dumb-dumb. Or maybe you’ll be saddled with a project you don’t want. Or maybe you’ll have a health crisis that will keep you out of the game for a spell. None of it will be your fault. But the consequences will be yours to live with. Ten years ago, I sat in a meeting with two of my bosses (I actually had three at the time), as they told me that a product I built and launched and grew to profitability was being transferred to another division of the company. When I objected (because I bel

Stop Ghosting People

Gavin is so close to his dream job, he can almost taste the free office lunch. He’s been through nine interviews in total, some of them with as many as four interviewers in the room. At last, the HR director told him he “seemed like a good fit” and an offer would be emailed in a day or two. Gavin never heard from the company again. The same thing happened to Sara after she was flown to a company’s headquarters and shown where her new office would be. Sam hired Miranda, a bright, enthusiastic recent grad to an entry level marketing position. She seemed to be getting on well with the team, and Sam was pleased with her work. Then, about three months after her first day, Miranda stopped showing

A Different Kind of 10-Year Challenge

I don’t care what you looked like ten years ago. Unless you’ve endured the needles and lasers of a skilled dermatologist, I’m guessing you looked 10-years younger and now you look 10-years older. Big whoop. Besides, what exactly is so “challenging” about posting an old picture of yourself anyway? And what’s the point of it all (except, perhaps to help Facebook hone its facial recognition software)? So, let’s talk about a different kind of 10-Year challenge. One that’s an actual challenge. Instead of obsessing about what you looked like 10-years ago, consider who you were. Record your answers in a journal. What was important to you? How did you spend your time? Who was in your life? What was

How to Laugh at Yourself

Let’s get one thing straight right off the top. You are, I’m sorry to say, a ridiculous human being. Your body makes rude noises. You get terrible, awful songs stuck in your head for days on end. You tell the same stories over and over. You think of the perfect comeback, an hour too late. You’ve zoned out in meetings, then baffled the room with a complete non-sequitur when asked your opinion. You’ve left bizarrely bungled voicemails. You’ve bounced down the stairs on your ass, tripped on your own feet, slipped, slid and flailed about. As a teenager, you said and did things that make you cringe to this day. And my god, have you ever put your foot in your mouth. Too many times to count. You’re

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