The Great Reboot Is Coming. Here Are 10 Questions to Help You Get Ready.

The world as we knew it came to a screeching stop a few months ago. Some of us were flung into crisis mode, focused on putting out fire after fire. Some of us were left hanging, not quite certain of what to do with our time. Either way, we were in a state of limbo. Plans were placed on hold. Job searches became even more arduous. Deep uncertainty prevented us from making decisions or even from thinking more than a week or two into the future. A client of mine recently called these times The Great Pause. I think she nailed it. But now, we’re emerging. We’re not quite certain what we’re emerging into, but we know it will be different from what was. I call these next times The Great Reboot. In

Struggling to Get Things Done? Here's How to Find a New Rhythm for Work and Life.

You may or not have been aware of it, but in the pre-pandemic world, there was a certain rhythm to your life. You got up at a particular time. You had a morning routine. You had a commute. You had an “arrive at the office” routine. There were coffee meetings and elevator chit chats. And of course, there was the endless barrage of meetings and calls and emails and decisions and conflict and celebration and boredom and excitement. For many of us, the rhythm of the old world was a gallop. Baddadump. Baddadump. Baddadump. Baddadump. We galloped from one thing to the next. Fast and furious. Forward, forward, forward, as fast as we could go. And then, the pandemic. My client Caroline is a super st

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