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The Off the Hook Challenge

Here’s a thought… what if you let yourself off the hook?

Said something stupid in a meeting? Oh well, that happens sometimes.

Bad hair day? Make a stylist appointment and move on with your life.

Found a silly typo in that email you just sent? Oops. There are worse things that can happen.

Think about it. What if you went an entire day without any self-recrimination? Would your world fall apart? Would you make all kinds of irreversible mistakes? Would everyone hate you?

Or… would life go on? Would you have more energy to put into more important things? Would you laugh more? Would you have more time for other people? Would you feel more creative?

What if you did it again tomorrow?

What if you did it for the whole summer?

Okay, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Try it once.

Put a sticky note somewhere you'll see it frequently with the words: You’re off the hook.

Remind yourself before each meeting, phone call, email, etc. No matter what, you’re off the hook. It’s fine. And life will go on.

I guarantee you’re going to want to do it again tomorrow.

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