My Methodology

My coaching method is unique to me and made up of three key philosophies:

Strategic Intervention: a tradition of coaching that focuses on remapping the limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that work against us in achieving our business and personal goals.

System Leadership: an emerging theory of connected, emotionally intelligent leadership primarily coming out of MIT.

Life Design: a process for self-renewal and  adult life-cycle management for maximum personal fulfillment and effectiveness.

Why me?

A good coach must be two things: Curious and Compassionate

The truth is, I find you fascinating. I know that it's a deep honor when you invite me into your life, and there's nothing I love more than watching you create your own transformation during our time together.

You can learn more about me here.

My Approach

My coaching focuses on four pillars:


Create and operate from an expansive state of being. 


Develop strong core values and a purpose, mission and vision that are in alignment with them. 


Experience openness, calm and clarity.

System Leadership

Inspire and motivate all who come into contact with you.


Develop your influence skills.

Learn the art and science of compelling storytelling.

Mental Toughness

Live in a world of uncertainty and ambiguity and still:

  • Have the capacity to make quality decisions

  • See opportunity in constraint

  • Express your full creative self


Learn to build and cultivate a support network of like-minded people. 

Develop relationships based in trust and collaboration.

Learn to not take anything personally.