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So... What Goes on in Unstuck Leader Coaching Anyway?

Good question.

You came to coaching because... well, you just felt it was time. Perhaps you sensed something big on the horizon. Or you sensed your own untapped potential. Or perhaps, it was a lingering sense of decline that brought you to this moment.

So here you are. And I’m so happy to have you.

As of this moment, we’re partners.

And if we do this right, by the end of our time together, you will feel a motivation that’s driven from your truest self. You’ll be more confident and energized. Your team will be more focused, trusting and collaborative. Issues will arise sooner and problem solving will be more creative. And, it will all come from you. Because true leadership is as much about who and how we are as it is about what we do.

That’s why our first few weeks together will focus on reclaiming and building your authentic power. Through this work, you will enter what I call an expansive state. Leaders in this state are grounded in strong core values and purpose, yet also maintain an openness to people, ideas and experiences. You will identify the patterns of belief and behavior that have been holding you back. You will learn to manage your needs for certainty and significance, and you will begin align yourself with a set of core values from which you will operate, make decisions, and innovate.

From your expansive state, you will more clearly see the interconnectedness of people and ideas within the complex systems around you. This phenomenon is known as “emergence”. A leader who senses and enables emergence is more competitive, faster moving, more receptive, and experiences heightened creativity.

Now we can get to the real work.

Will we still deal with day-to-day issues such as decision making, employee development, interpersonal relationships, etc.? Of course, we will. But we’ll do it through the framework of the Unstuck Leader philosophy (which you can read about in detail here).

From our very first session, we’ll work to get a full understanding of you, your world and what you want out of your career and your life in general. In following sessions, we’ll begin to examine the nature of your goals and desires in greater detail. We’ll look at your personal tripwires such as how you frame problems, how you deal with constraints and how you apply boundaries. We’ll brainstorm new ways for you to get what you want and determine which of your old ways you’ll need to give up.

I will always be on your side, but that doesn’t mean I won’t challenge you from time to time. Our goal is to put truth over comfort, every time. But that said, we’ll laugh a lot too, because exploring possibilities and potential is fun. And besides, you're hilarious, whether you know it or not.

Unlike therapy, which is focused on problems, the past and healing, Unstuck Leader coaching is about possibility, the future and growth. We won’t spend a lot of time digging up and analyzing past hurts, though we might revisit some of the key decisions you’ve made along the way, especially if they’re affecting your ability to be your truest self now.

Most importantly, though I can be fairly bossy, it’s you who is in charge of your Unstuck Leader experience. You determine the outcomes you want. You determine how much work you’re willing/able to put into it. And, you’re also accountable. Not to me, but to yourself.

That’s all there is to it. Easy peasy. And life changing.

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The Unstuck Leader book is now available.
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