This Is It. Your Ultimate Guide to Getting and Staying Unstuck at Work

In the coaching business, when someone says they’re stuck, we consider it to be excellent news. Suddenly, that person doesn’t have all the answers. There’s an opening. They’re ready to consider new possibilities and new ways of being. Through my work as a leadership coach and trainer and my interviews during The Unstuck Project, I’ve talked to hundreds of people about their experiences with being stuck and getting unstuck and here’s what I know for sure: Stuck is pervasive – everyone gets stuck from time to time Stuck is personal – what feels stuck to you, might not feel stuck to me Stuck is perplexing – we often don’t know how or why we got stuck. And, if left unaddressed, stuckness can lea

Infographic: What Are Your Tripwires?

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5 Books That Will Change the Way You Lead Forever

A great leadership book is a small miracle. By the end of it, you not only see the world differently, but you also see yourself differently. And as a result, you're better able to create meaningful change both at work, and in your life. Here are the five leadership books that have influenced me the most, both as a coach and as a person who runs her own business. Without them, I can honestly say I’d not only be a different person, but also not nearly so good at what I do. I hope you’ll give them a look. Book 1: The Fifth Discipline - The Art & Practice of the Learning Organization by Peter Senge Written in 1990, just one year after the world wide web was invented, and several years before any

I've Got a 2020 Challenge for You

2020 may be the coolest sounding year since 2000, but let’s face it, it’s likely to be a challenging one. What's in store? Only the most contentious US election in history, the realization of Brexit, massive uncontrolled wildfires, and millions struggling to save their democracies, not to mention accelerating climate change, growing nationalist sentiments and the ever-looming possibility of a global economic turndown. Most of my clients have identified their growing dissatisfaction with the way the world is going as a major source of anxiety in their lives. We feel small. We feel insignificant. And the problems seem so big. Is there anything that a small, insignificant person can do to solve

The Unstuck Leader book is now available.
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