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This Is It. Your Ultimate Guide to Getting and Staying Unstuck at Work

In the coaching business, when someone says they’re stuck, we consider it to be excellent news. Suddenly, that person doesn’t have all the answers. There’s an opening. They’re ready to consider new possibilities and new ways of being.

Through my work as a leadership coach and trainer and my interviews during The Unstuck Project, I’ve talked to hundreds of people about their experiences with being stuck and getting unstuck and here’s what I know for sure:

Stuck is pervasive – everyone gets stuck from time to time

Stuck is personal – what feels stuck to you, might not feel stuck to me

Stuck is perplexing – we often don’t know how or why we got stuck.

And, if left unaddressed, stuckness can leave us feeling disconnected, disillusioned, extremely frustrated and at worst, depressed. Rather than thriving, we become focused on merely surviving and in time, a gap grows between what we’re doing each and every day and what we want to be doing every day. The result is further entrenchment in our stuckness.

It’s a vicious cycle.

The good news is that there’s a way out of the stuckness cycle. And it just so happens that I’ve been blogging about this stuff for more than two years. For your convenience, I’ve aggregated 46 of my most powerful posts about getting and staying unstuck.

Step 1: Stop. Assess. Align.

Step 1 is all about understanding and reclaiming your authentic power; the kind of power that comes from being in alignment with your true self. Understanding your true self begins with discovering your current patterns of belief and behavior.

Step 2: Listen and Observe.

Once you fully understand yourself, you’re ready to begin to understand the people you work with and the systems you work within. You will build your credibility and influence, and will begin to develop the gift of anticipation.

Step 3: Let Go.

Letting go, or more specifically, letting go of old ideas and old ways of doing things is terrifying to most people. Fear makes us reach into the past. But when you learn to let go of the things that are no longer working for you, you become free to co-create the future.

Step 4: Co-create.

Once you let go of what’s ending, you’ll embrace what’s emerging. You’ll learn to work with those around you to create understanding, foster positivity and arrive at a compelling vision. This will give you the gift of innovation.

Step 5: Say Yes.

It sounds simple, but is anything but. When you say yes to the emerging future, you also have to say yes to imperfection, boundaries and networked connection. You have to commit to leadership as a practice. Now you’re ready to commit to action.

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