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I've Got a 2020 Challenge for You

2020 may be the coolest sounding year since 2000, but let’s face it, it’s likely to be a challenging one. What's in store? Only the most contentious US election in history, the realization of Brexit, massive uncontrolled wildfires, and millions struggling to save their democracies, not to mention accelerating climate change, growing nationalist sentiments and the ever-looming possibility of a global economic turndown.

Most of my clients have identified their growing dissatisfaction with the way the world is going as a major source of anxiety in their lives. We feel small. We feel insignificant. And the problems seem so big. Is there anything that a small, insignificant person can do to solve them?

The answer is no.

But luckily, you are not small and insignificant. You’re big and important. You just might not feel that way at the moment. And that’s because you’re trying to chase away the darkness. This is a failing proposition.

The problem with trying to chase away darkness is that it involves a lot of “should” words. He shouldn’t do that. It shouldn’t be that way. They shouldn’t think that way. It has a built-in sense of helplessness and victimhood. It makes us powerless.

You can’t chase away the darkness. It’s a part of life.

But you can grow light.

And this is my challenge to you for 2020.

Not sure how? Give this a try.

Ask Yourself: What am I grateful for?

This will get you out of the victim mindset. For a master class in gratitude, watch this.

Ask Yourself: What's important to me?

Or in other words, what are the qualities of life and situation that are core to who I am as a person? These are your values.

Ask Yourself: What am I good at?

This is where you'll be most effective (it's hard to grow light when you're stumbling around in the dark).

Now ask Yourself: How will I grow light this year?

Get creative. Do it on a massive scale or a small one. Do it by yourself or with other people. Do it in writing or do it in person. Do it as a volunteer or as an employee, a rebel or a team player, an artist or an engineer; it doesn't matter. All that matters is that you keep going. And keep growing light.

I'm going to keep writing this blog. I'm going to keep working with coaching clients. I'm going to land as many speaking gigs as I can. And, I'm going to get started writing a new book.

It's your turn. How will you grow light in 2020?

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The Unstuck Leader book is now available.
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