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In Praise of Middle Managers

I love middle managers. Always have.

Middle managers are the most undervalued resources an organization has. While senior leaders are busy strategizing, middle management is where everything actually happens. Middle managers see it all, from top to bottom, inside and out. Ignore them and you’ll lose out on a wealth of information.

Line leaders, those in production and sales, have the best understanding of an organization’s most immediate needs, because they have daily customer or supplier contact. Network leaders, those working in support functions such as marketing, finance or legal, frequently work across divisions of the organization. They have many diverse relationships and the best view of the organization as a whole. They know how to make things happen, and who is best qualified to get the job done.

Who wouldn’t love a middle manager?

That’s why I’ve created a training program just for them. Because they are the most important people in any company. And training them to become Unstuck Leaders produces benefits that will pay off for decades.

What does a team of Unstuck Leaders look like?

Pretty damn great.

Unstuck Leaders aren’t only high performing, they are confident, energized and inspiring. Their employees are focused, trusting and collaborative. Issues arise sooner. Problem solving is more effective. Implementation is accelerated.

In other words, they’re operating at their full potential. And so is the organization.

Sound good? Then check this out:

The Unstuck Leader book is now available.
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