Talent Accelerator Program

Alison Simpson

CMO at Key, CNIB Board Director

"Judy was insightful, engaging and inspiring. She gave us lots of actionable ways to thrive by putting truth ahead of comfort and leading from our core values. I highly recommend."


Designed for new leaders and high potential employees, this program combines group training with 1:1 coaching.


A team of connected, mutually supportive, highly effective leaders who are deeply engaged and committed for the long-term.

The Basics:

6 to 8 trainees

6 onsite training sessions


2 hours per session

1st Hour:

Leadership concepts

2nd Hour:

Moderated discussion about real-life leadership challenges

Up to 6 hours of private 1:1 coaching for each participant via Zoom or telephone

100% confidentiality.

Participants sign non-disclosure agreements so what happens in the training room stays in the training room.

Course Outline:

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Introduction to the Unstuck Leader philosophy.

Identifying personal values and purpose. Identifying limiting patterns of belief and behavior.

Understanding human needs and motivation. The coaching conversation method

true leadership
The art of
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

Generative listening. The power of "We can, if...'

Integrative thinking.

Having tough conversations.

Prioritizing important over urgent. Fighting perfectionist tendencies.

Committing to consistent practice. Building a supportive network of likeminded leaders.

Courage and integrity
Pulling it all