Why I Loves Me Some Millennials

Dear Millennials, I’m a GenXer (or sexy-exie as I like to call myself after a glass of wine). According to 99% of what I read about my generation and yours, I’m supposed to despise every one of you lazy, unproductive, self-obsessed, avo-toast eating brats. But I don’t. I love you to pieces. Here’s why: You’re kind. You’re thoughtful. You’re collaborative. You care about other people, the state of the world and the health of the planet. In short, you were raised well. And, I think that’s where the problem lies. As any Gen X’er can tell you, whatever it is that ails you is all the Boomers’ fault (it’s always the Boomers’ fault). Your parents raised you to be critical thinkers. But they

The Simple Secret to Staying Unstuck: Be an Explorer

Five years ago, I had lunch with an amazing 20-year-old woman. She had just finished a successful summer internship, and now it was fall, and she was going back to school to finish her business degree. Her future was bright. She was super smart, extremely likeable, with a great attitude, and definitely going places. Over lunch, she told me about her BIG PLAN. It looked something like this: Graduate business school, get a job at top-tier consulting firm, get a promotion, buy condo, another promotion, get married, switch to client side job, buy starter house, another promotion, first baby, another promotion, bigger house, second baby, promotion to C-Suite, even bigger house, buy a ski chale

The Unstuck Leader book is now available.
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